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We are pleased to share the Ghent Neighborhood Spring 2010 Newsletter. Members should receive a copy in the mail while others can obtain a free copy from Ghent neighborhood shops.



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March 15, 2010

Blair Middle School

7:05 PM

Board Members Present
7:00pm  – Call to Order

Introductions of Board Members, Members, and Guests
Board members present

  • Joan McEnery – yes
  • Henry Conde – no
  • Paige Rose – yes
  • Irene Blake – yes
  • Harry Worley – no
  • Brian Douglas Smith – yes
  • Barbara Murphy – yes
  • Susanne Williams – yes
  • Ted Warren – no
  • Jon Hanbury – no
  • Michael Spencer – yes

Crime Report – 15 items, largest was string of vandalism to 900 Brandon Ave. in Feb, rest were larceny directed at autos, no violent crimes.

  • Questions/Concerns – commercial vehicles on residential streets – will keep an eye at and suggest to call non-emergency number vehicles driving wrong way and parking on wrong way. – officer says they have to be there to see it.

Treasurer’s Report – none

Pending Planning and Planning Commission Items:

Donut Dinette – Owner Greg – adding 6ft in ft of dinner to add more seating, will help will family seating. Planning to expand onto side later in yr.


  • Outside dinning will remain.
  • Picnic tables will be removed but will keep other seating.
  • Will keep the same outside material to keep the same iconic look.
  • Plenty of parking in rear.
  • Will come back to the GNL before any expansion.

New Belmont Interior Expansion – When first opened they had approval for 280 occupancy. City is asking for a more detail of the seating plan, i.e., bar standing, dancing, seated dinning. Downstairs will stay the same. Upstairs new 252-266 occupancy. Special function occupancy – 280.


  • Is there live entertainment now? yes
  • Board Motion – Is there no significant community concerns – 100 approve

Mowbray Arch/Fairfax Emergency Generator – (run by powered natural gas)


  • Purpose of generator – to provide power when electricity was down.
  • Noise concerns – no city guidelines.
  • Neighbors, have they been informed? – Will have the homeowners informed.
  • Board Motion – No objections to design guidelines with assurances by applicant’s representative of full screening, but GNL to express general concerns to noise and safety issues due to urban placement of such generators and request that the City address these issues

Zoning Items: none

Design Review Items: none

Featured Speakers:
Social Media – Eric Cambell – Presentation on using social media.

Flooding in Ghent – Skip Stiles – 1 1/2 ft sea level rise in last 100 yrs., this will continue in to the future, VA has the highest rate of sea level rise in the US w/no preparation in VA or Hampton Roads, now working on state and local level for solutions, Norfolk has contracted a study and it was just completed and should be available soon. Insurance industry has started to react by no longer insuring people in VA.

  • Raising sidewalks/streets – A necessary 1st step. But other items need to be addressed such as storm-water draining and underground pipes.
  • Is the situation from the increase of residents? I.e. condos – no, it is an infrastructure issue.
  • Can they flood gate the Hague – looks like it could be done but best to review study to see if it would work?
  • Purpose of study – city say issue with flooding increasing – took 2 yrs. to complete – suggest the civic leagues to approach the city to get further action. We are the first that has done such a study so many in the YS are looking towards us.

Ghent Task Force

  • Donut Dinette – GBA was not notified
  • 201 @ has 3 possible leases – appt. 44% occupied
  • Old Pizza Hut – Monarch Bank
  • NetBus – Back at ground zero, new director w/HRT not hearing anything due to budgets.
  • Trash cans on Hague – coming
  • Colley Ave ped crossing signs
  • Hampton Blvd. underpass – traffic to be redirected

Ghent Business Association-


  • Sector Representatives-
  • Membership – all out
  • Community Improvement and HAPC Update – When the Historic District Use Tables Amendments were sent to the Planning Commission, the amendments for Ghent were removed with without explanation.  GNL will ask Council members Winn and Whibley to move the amendments forward.
  • Publicity/Social Events-
  • Communications-
  • Programs – Candidates Forum – Monday, April 26th. @ Naro splitting expenses w/other groups, should be around $100. Propose to have a working meeting off site – Decided on work session
  • Elections – Paige – Elections in May. Susanne Williams and Jon Hanbury have decided not to stand for elections . Elections report approved. Recommended Slate:
  1. President: Joan McEnery
  2. First VP: Henry Conde
  3. Second VP: Paige Rose
  4. Sec: Irene Blake
  5. Treasurer: Ted Warren
  6. Board Members: Jay Lasiter, Susanne Ott, Paul Amoddio

Yellow house red shed – has 30 days to remove

Big House Church – appears to be in compliance to RLUIPA
Bus Shelter

Big House Church on Colonial, – changed out windows without COA
EVMS – Question as to why opening up Boissevain on EVMS side

Walgreen’s ABC Application-


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Several candidates for public office are scheduled to speak at the September Ghent Neighborhood League monthly meeting. Each candidate will be given up to seven minutes for a presentation and audience questions.

Data and time
September 21, 2009 at 7 P.M.
Blair Middle School in Ghent, 730 Spotswood Ave., off Colley Avenue

The league invited Jennifer Lee, Matthew James, Del. Kenneth C. Alexander (D-Norfolk) and Anthony Triplin, candidates for the Virginia House of Delegates, to address issues of importance to Ghent, including transportation, public safety, taxes and historic preservation.

Running for a General Assembly seat in House District 80 — vacant since May 2009 — are Lee, a Republican, and James, a Democrat. House District 80 encompasses the Chrysler and Taylor precincts.

Running for a General Assembly seat in House District 89 are Alexander, the incumbent, and challenger Triplin who is running as an independent. House District 89 encompasses the Maury and Ghent Square precincts.

All four candidates meanwhile confirmed their attendance.

Also invited to address the league’s Monday meeting are the two candidates for the constitutional office of Norfolk Commissioner of the Revenue, incumbent Sharon McDonald, a Democrat, and challenger Douglas E. Knack who is running as an independent. — By Tuesday, Sept. 15, McDonald had confirmed her attendance.

Elections will be held Nov. 3, 2009

Candidates Websites
Kenneth C. Alexander

James Matthews

Jennifer Lee

Sharon McDonald

Anthony Triplin
Additional Information
Virginia General Assembly
The Virginia Public Access Program

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Board Members
Sharon Plawin
Mason Andrews
Blount Hunter
Kevin Halista
Allan Bull
Dennis Russell
Jon Hanbury
Paige Rose
BarBara Murphy
Joe Maus
Mike Spencer
Susanne Williams

Meeting called to order: 7:05 p.m.


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