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In view of the imminent approval deadline by the Virginia Department of Transportation for a proposed mid-town tunnel expansion, close to Ghent and West Ghent, the West Ghent Civic League will hold a last-minute meeting on this major transportation project onThursday, May 7, 7 p.m., in the Taylor Elementary School Auditorium. The forum will include a presentation by the Elizabeth River Crossing LLC consortium, the sole bidder, and allow for public comment.

This meeting is a follow-up on the consortium’s presentations to both the Ghent Neighborhood League and the West Ghent Civic League, both of which raised questions about the $1.5 billion project. Key issues so far have been the proposed tolls, the possibility of light rail on Hampton Boulevard and Ghent/West Ghent-related traffic bottlenecks on Hampton Boulevard where three lanes merge into two.


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