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September 20, 2010

Blair Middle School

6:30pm       Board Work Session

7:03pm        CALL TO ORDER

Introductions of Board Members, Members, and Guests

Attendance – Joan, Irene, Jay, Paige, henry, Harry, Silke, Barbara, Ted & Brian


Updates on:  Indecent Sexual Display Arrest in front of Ghent Montessori – court date next week. Robbery of Mom with child at First Pres – arrest made 2 days later. Exposure Incident on 20th St – no report given. Other incidents – n/a. Assault @ Doumar’s – not mentioned.

BOISSEVAIN ARSON – Update – still investigating, cannot release details of how it started due to the investigation but they are looking.



The Mambo Room – Special Exception to extend hrs to 2am, open to public, and bring in salsa band (live music).

  • Vote – Supporting 100%

Dr. Murray Spain Family Dentistry – 1301 Colonial – Special Exception special exception – asking to chg to allow for medical use.

  • Vote – 100% support of special exception application with the suggestion to add landscaping to make to property appear more appealing.

Luna Maya Restaurant – 2010 Colley Ave –

  • Vote – no vote required

The Public House – Princess Anne and Colley (former Magnolias site) – upscale pub, not towards younger crowed. Open for lunch & dinner, compactly 80-74, floating floor to save tile, open in Nov, will have pool tables, 80% will be non-smoking, no entertainment, outdoor seating,

  • Vote – 100% in favor of support of business and they working to help residential parking issues

Eric Menden – 631 Westover – proposal for former Cox Funeral Home site – no show




SPEAKER: John Stevenson, Sr., Senior Transportation Program Manager

Dept. of Public Works, City of Norfolk

TOPICS: What is the process to get Residential Sticker Parking – currently 21, to lessen the impact of commuter parking in residential neighborhoods, reason in Ghent is due to EVMS & Sentara, to change parking status i.e. add or make 24 hr resident only, you need 75% sign a petition,

  • Graydon Ave & other chronic parking trouble spots for residents – currently open for 2hr, enforced by city parking from 9-5 after by Norfolk police.
  • Status of Colonial Avenue traffic calming plan – no funded as thought, will keep trying for funding.
  • Are red light running cameras coming to Hampton Blvd.? not scheduled, long process, requires approval by state, large amount of studies.
  • Core Avenue stop signs update – coming soon.
  • The Tide & Midtown Tunnel expansion impacts
  • Options to make Norfolk more bike-friendly-
  • and other audience questions – Pedestrian crossing @ Princess Anne in progress, will look to.


Ghent Dog Park Association – Community Input on Park

Water – approved

Bulletin board – approved

EVMS Construction Update –


  • Treasurer’s Report – Ted will email details, 990 filed with IRS via 990e postcard
  • Audit Committee Reports – all in good order
  • Ghent Business Association – report emailed to board.
  • Ghent Masquerade – Suggest sponsoring the children’s moonwalk – suggested to ask GBA organizer about the GNL hosting a children’s activity vs a moonwalk as the moonwalk might not be safe with children playing in costume. Silke Ott volunteered to organize the activity.
  • Stockley Gardens Art Festival – table secured but need volunteers to man the membership table.
  • Ghent Task Force – Graydon Ave Parking & get rid of buffer zone parking on Graydon- put decision of support on next agenda.

Pending Community Concerns/Complaints

Minutes – Approval Oct-july approved


Recognize our emergency services – Harry will work on suggestion.





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The following is a letter to the residents of Ghent from Norfolk Fire-Rescue Public Affairs Officer, who is also a GNL Board Member and is in charge of the Sector Rep. Program for the GNL.

Boissevain Avenue Fire

As one of your board members and a member of Norfolk Fire-Rescue I would like to share some information about the fire on Boissevain Ave.
In the early morning hours of Sunday morning, August 15th , a fire was set at 617 Boissevain Avenue. This fire destroyed the building and severely damaged 615 Boissevain Avenue. This fire has touched many lives on that block of our neighborhood. It has disrupted the quite rhythm of the street because of the firefighting and now the clean up of the debris.
There have been several rumors and other information that has been spread about the fire and I would like to give you the official information that we know. Norfolk Fire-Rescue investigators are hard at work to catch the individual that started the fire. There have been several credible leads that the investigators are following. The details as to what the investigators are looking for and where the fire is thought to have started have not been released. We don’t routinely release details about a fire during the investigation phase because it can harm the case. Please know that they are working hard to solve the arson crime. When I have more details to release I will try to share them with you.
The investigators would also like for you to know that if you have any information please call 1-800-LOCK U UP. You don’t need to give your name and there could be a reward.

We are all part of the neighborhood and as such need to watch out for each other. If you notice anything unusual or persons who don’t fit into the normal patterns of the neighborhood call Norfolk Police to have it checked out. Our community resource officer has asked that we take special care to insure that our vehicles are locked when we aren’t in them. Most of the items stolen from cars in the last couple of months have come from unlocked cars. Please know that if you leave a GPS device visible in a car it is like an invitation to have your car broken into.


Harry Worley
Battalion Chief, Public Affairs Officer
Norfolk Fire-Rescue
GNL board member

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Within the first hours of Sunday morning many on Boissevain Ave were
stirred awake to the sounds of fire trucks with what is believed to be the
result of arson. Three homes were damaged, one completely beyond repair and has already been torn down, the other with extensive damage and one home with minor damage to some vinyl siding. Injuries were minor to one resident and a firefighter.

If anyone saw something suspicious occuring at or near these residences
please report it to the Crime Line @ 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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