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CSB Doubling Space and Further Concentrating Services in Ghent

Moving Services Away from CSB Patients

CSB Officials revealed this week plans to further expand services in Ghent far in excess of what has been previously disclosed to City Council and the neighborhood.  These plans appear to confirm that the Norfolk CSB is, indeed, moving forward with its plans for a “Ghent Campus” and concentrating its mental health, psychiatric and substance addiction services in our neighborhood.

It was confirmed this week that the CSB plans to lease the “Ghent Center Building” which is adjacent to the VA ABC Liquor Store across the street from the Harrison Opera House and near Ghent Square homes.  The CSB’s plans include relocating its “Medical Services Unit” and other adult services to the “Ghent Center Building” (more…)


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Ltr to Ms. McEnery & GNL from CSB

CSB Patients By Zip Codes

Norfolk CSB Service Sites 09 2010

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July 19, 2010

Blair Middle School

The July Meeting will be a Board Planning and Work Session.  Members are invited to attend.

Attendance – Joan McEnery, Henry Conde, Suzanne Ott, Irene Blake, Paige Rose

Absent – Ted Warren, Harry Worley, Barbara Murphy, Mike Spencer, Paul Amodio, Brian D. Smith, & Jay Lassiter

7:00pm  – Call to Order

• Introductions

• Crime Report – Officer Gauthier – 11 reported – large amount of larcenies from auto, issue with tags being stolen (suggest to use the security bolts & always report), 1800 Core Ave elderly female robbery (injuries are constant with being hit by a vehicle & more than likely someone stole purse after the fact), 2000 Colonial Ave personal robbery & arrest made. Olney & Mowbray Arch @ Ghent Montessori School – individual was arrested for “indecent masturbation with the intent to be seen by others”, not connected with other issues, will verify that he is still in jail & the court date.

• Treasurer’s Report – none

• Approval of Minutes – Oct ’09, Nov ’09, Jan ’10, Feb ’10, March ’10, April ’10, & May ’10, – not done



Presentation: Lazy Dayz, 839 West 21st Street – Application for Special Exception – To operate retail establishment after midnight (till 3pm) – Didn’t hear about the special exception requirement till after they opened at late hours. Board will report to Planning Commission that we have no objections.

• Pending Community Concerns/Complaints



NCSB – City council presentation made by NCSB to give them an overview of their intents. The Crisis Center is being moved into the Sentara Campus vs the redgate location. Also disclosed that they are moving their Adult Psychiatric Services (which includes their drug dispensary unit) from VA Beach Blvd., near the Union Mission to their Olney location next door to the Chrysler Museum.

What should the GNL and area residents do? All of us need to contact the city, other civic leagues, EVMS, Sentara and our state government.

q/c – Define “regional” – Yes, services from other cities are going o be using these services. They intend to the be the primary care physician in anticipation of the new healthcare reform which requires everyone to have a PCP.

Current location to crisis center is located closest to their largest % of Norfolk residents they service.

Comment – This and the additional services may destabilize the Ghent area.


BOARD PLANNING AND WORK SESSION – deferred to next meeting.

Program – August meeting canceled, September topic – parking & CSB


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The City of Norfolk Community Services Board (“CSB”) announced at Tuesday City Council Meeting its plans to move its Adult Psychiatric Services Unit into the Ghent neighborhood from its current location near the new Union Mission on Virginia Beach Boulevard.  This is the third unit that the City of Norfolk’s Community Service Board has proposed moving into one of the most densely populated residential neighborhoods in our City.  The Adult Psychiatric (more…)

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Sentara has advised Ghent area neighborhoods that:

“Given the lack of community support for this project we will not be pursuing the Discovery day care center as a site for the crisis stabilization unit.”

This is certainly a positive development and one that is no doubt as a result of neighborhoods working together to express our concerns. This effort has included many Ghent Neighborhood League members and area residents contacting Council members, City Officials and Sentara executives to express their concerns. Those opposed to the plan to relocate the Regional Crisis Center into our neighborhood include residents, property owners, physicians, business owners, health care professionals and parents.

What is somewhat uncertain is the status of alternative sites that were and may still be under consideration. Given the lack of community support for any such relocation into our neighborhood, it is the overwhelming consensus of the community that Sentara’s decision on the Discovery day care center site should also apply to other locations in and around our Ghent neighborhood.

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