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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

7:00 – 8:00 pm

Chrysler Museum, Education Room

Please see attached announcement.  Also be advised that the scope and location of the academic study is not, so far as we know, fixed at this time.

Flooding program announcement


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Winds from the North + Lunar High Tides = flooding warning.  Our thanks to Skip for once again for sounding the alarm.

From Skip Stiles of Wetlands Watch [skip .  stiles AT wetlandswatch . org]

Tuesday Morning – around 4 am at the high tide – we’ll see water almost 2 feet above the spring tide line (full/new moon high tide). Wind from the north from that gathering storm will be the cause.

Move cars, watch intersections that flood, – the usual drill for “nuisance” flooding. The higher tides will repeat through Wed’s high tide around 4 am.

As always, these high tides times are at Sewells point – you’ll see different times depending on how far away you are from the Navy Base (where the Sewells Point tide gauge is )

Stay Dry,


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from Skip Stiles of Wetlands Watch:

High water noon today, midnight but..tomorrow (Monday) around noon there will be a very high tide – about 2 feet above the tide line for a full or new moon.  Similar to the ones we have had in recent weeks – usual intersections will be flooded. Cause is the wind out of the north we have been having/will have – stacking the water up.
tide charts here – http://www.nws.noaa.gov/mdl/etsurge/index.php?page=stn®ion=me&type=both&stn=vahamp (MHHW – that is the full/new moon tide line)
Stay dry,
Skip Stiles
Wetlands Watch
1121 Graydon Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23507

757-623-4835 (office and fax)
757-623-4830 (home)
757-621-1185 (cell)

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from Skip Stiles of Wetlands Watch

Sunday morning around 4:30 or 5 am, we’ll get a high tide around 2 feet above normal spring tide. This will be the highest this fall – no big worries, but the usual wet roads in the southern Hampton Roads region. The high tides are due to the N/NE winds we are getting – full moon is not until Thurs, when we’ll have high tides at least one foot above the spring tide line.

In other words get your knee high boots out, park away from the water Sat night if you’re in a low lying area neighborhood. Should just be an annoyance Sun that will be gone by daylight.

Tide chart – http://www.nws.noaa.gov/mdl/etsurge/index.php?page=stn®ion=me&type=both&stn=vahamp

Presumably, the purview of Wetlands Watch extends to our neighborhood during these episodes. 😉


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Fall High Tides not over yet …

Pretty high tides this past week, .. well folks, we’re not done yet.

This, from Wetlands Watch:

“It’s fall and time for our annual high tides. Every year in Sept, Oct, and Nov we see much higher than normal tides around the full moons. This is because the moon is closest to the earth at a full moon and exerts more pull on the tides – these are “perigean high tides” or, as they call them elsewhere, “King Tides.””

Our* perigean high tides are September 8 – 12, October 7 – 11, and November 5 – 7 with the morning high tides the highest. (* Sewells Point).  A full year tide table is here: sewells_point_2014_tide table

More info from and about Wetlands Watch:  http://www.wetlandswatch.org/Home.aspx

Fortunately, the Sea Level Rise presentation at at Christ and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Thursday, October 9  is at 7:00 P.M. You may want galoshes but you hopefully shouldn’t need a boat.

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