Roulette Information

The word “Roulette” stems from French meaning for small wheel, although the game its self does not originate from France its thought that it may have originated in China or ancient Rome. It is thought that the Dominican Monks trading with the Chinese could have brought the “game” to mainland Europe; on the other hand, it is thought that the Romans based the game on tipping their chariots and spinning their wheels. Another theory is that a French scientist called Blase Pascal discovered the game as a by-product of one of his experiments. It wasn’t till 1842 when two French brothers, Louis and Francois Blanc, gave us the game we know today. They invented the “O” game, which is still widely used today. Story has it Francois sold his soul to the devil in order to attain the secret of the roulette game, Theorists validate this fact with knowledge that all the numbers on a roulette wheel add upto 666, coincidence?

Roulette Discovery

Although discovered in France, it was illegal to gamble there so it was introduced in Hamburg first, before eventually being banned in Germany too. The Prince of Monaco then asked Louis Blanc to come to his casino and introduced it there.

Eventually when it came to the USA, the original “O” version was replaced by a new “OO” version, the “O” version being described as the European version and the “OO” version the American. The “O” version has 37 numbers yet the “OO” version has 38, yet both games are extremely popular.

An American roulette wheel has 38 slots from O-OO, 1-36, in total 38 numbers are recognised on the betting layout. On a standard roulette wheel, the numbers are arranged directly opposite one another, in a red-black formation. If you look at O, directly opposite it is the OO, 1 is opposite 2 and so forth up to 35 being opposite 36, all the reds opposite the black.

The wheel is kept spinning all the time but is sped up when play is about to commence. A croupier will then release the small ivory ball in the opposite direction to the spin; the ball eventually will lose momentum and begin bouncing over the numbered slots till eventually landing in one of them. Bets can be placed while the wheel is spinning and right up till it slows down, then the winner is declared if the ball lands on their winning number.

Up to six players can be seated at a roulette game; roulette is the only game in the casino that has “non value” chips, this is so the dealer can distinguish each players chips. The player can place his own value on his chip; the dealer will mate an example chip on the side of the roulette wheel to distinguish the value of the bet placed. Regular casino chips can be placed to increase the size of the bets, depending on the procedure and minimum bets accepted by each casino house. The dealer will gladly explain the terms and conditions of the house procedures.

There are nine different methods of betting, six inside bets and three outside bets, the house sets the minimum and maximum limits for betting separately for inside and outside bets.

Roulette Bets

The Straight-up bet, which means one number, will come up. The player bets on one number that can be anything including 0 or 00, and the payout is at odds 35/1

The Split Bet, this means the player can split their bets with odds of 17/1, betting that one off two numbers come up, bets are placed to over-lap two numbers, the bets can be placed between the 0 or the 00, the bet is placed on the line between the two, separating the second and third dozen, it’s the only bet that can be made at two places on the lay-out.

The Street Bet, this means the player has odds of 11/1, as players bet on up to 3 numbers, in several different places.

The Corner Bets, this means bets are placed at the intersection of the four numbers, betting that one of the four will come up with odds of 8/1

The Five Number Bet, this means that the player bets on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. This is the worst bet on the table as the house’s edge at 50% higher than any other bet on the table with odds of only 6/1. This is only on the American version as the European version does not have the “OO”

The Line Bet, this means players bets on 1-6 numbers, bets are placed between the intersection between the two lines of three numbers with odds of 5/1. The three outside bets are outside of the 00-0 and 1-36 playing area of the layout.

Even Number Bets, this means there are three types of even bets, you can place bets on high 19-36 or low 1-18 numbers, or bet odd or even number, or bet on red or black, odds are 1/1

Column Bets, this means bets are placed on one of three columns, covering twelve numbers, with odds of 2/1

Dozen Bets, like the column bets the table is split into three sets, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, with odds of 2/1.

Bets are always paid from the outside in; the dealer always works from the outside bets inwards.

European Roulette differs slightly from the American version in the fact that with the single 0, the house only has an edge of 2.70%, The player has a 1-37 chance of winning yet still gets paid odds of 35/1.

The procedures of the European game also differ slightly from the American game as whilst the American dealers sweep the table with their hands and arms the European croupier uses a long stick to clear the table, also Europeans don’t play with “non-value chips” they use standard casino chips, which could be very confusing if there are many bets placed upon the table, is playing in Europe you have to be very aware of your bets and know exactly what you’ve place on the table!