What is video poker?

The video poker is not as popular as the older cousin, poker, but it is surely a nice initiative. The pokers are perfect for those players that like the slots machine, but they want this game combined with real poker. For this point of view, video poker gives a perfect combination between poker and slots machines.

The principles of video poker

The classical machine is simple, and it is borrowed by the online casinos from the classical mechanical machines. Even if the principles are the same like in the case of simple poker, the differences can’t be neglected. Video poker is in fact a slot machine based on the rules of poker.

The first thing to do on a video poker machine is to choose your stakes. Considering the casino and your profile as a player, you can choose from one cent to 10 dollars. As you are a beginner player, you should play with small stakes at first. As you gain more experience, you could go for the higher stakes. In fact, switch for the higher stakes only when your bankroll is growing steadily.

Even if there are tens of variations of video poker, 90 % of the players prefer the classical game. The rules are the same in the online and land based casinos. You will be dealt five cards, and you can keep them or change them looking for the winning combination. However, while in poker you need a better combination than the one of your opponent, any combination of video poker is a winner. Moreover, there is no difference between the cards. For example, a pair of sixes will bring you the same winnings as a pair of nines. At the end, it is important to make combinations.

The prizes are awarded accordingly. If you have only one pair, your stakes will be returned. It is better than nothing, as you can use that money top benefit of another spin. Consider it as a bonus. However, a streak of single pairs will only preserve your incomes. If you want some serious earnings, you should try to form better combinations. For example, a full house brings 50 times the initial stake on some video poker machines, and the bonus game.

The bonus video poker game

The bonus game is triggered after 100 or 200 spins, depending on the rules of the machine. It is a simple one. You only need to guess the color of the next card (red or black), and your current earnings will be doubled. Think about it: if you get one card, you will transform 100 dollars in 200, for the second card, you will have 400 dollars and so. It is surely a pleasant idea, so you should sign for the video poker game right now.