Poker Information

Poker Information

Poker and free online poker has become much more popular nowadays, mainly due to televised championship tournaments, with the likes of, The World Series of Poker and also The World Poker Tour. These televised tournaments have encouraged millions of people round the world to play poker whether online or in casinos. With such success it was estimated that in 2005 revenue alone from poker exceeded $10 billion, it’s also estimated that over $1 million is staked every minute online at poker. Online poker and free online poker games allows the player to play against players from all over the world; it also allows the stakes to be low or high whatever game the player wishes to join.

Poker Card Game

Poker is one of the most popular card games around, though there are several different versions of this game. Players conceal full or partial hands; wager against the cards they have to a central pot, the pot is then awarded to the player that holds the best combination of cards at the end of play. Depending on what game is being played, the basic rules remain the same, though different games have their different rules but in basic principle one or more players may place a bet to the central pot before the cards are dealt, this is known as a “forced bet” these bets come in three forms; blind, antes and bring-ins. As in most card games the dealer will shuffle the pack, before cutting the deck, then the appropriate number of cards are dealt face-down to each of the players. In a home game the right to deal the cards usually works clockwise between the players, though in a casino the “house” dealer always handles the cards though the deal is still played out clockwise between the players. After the initial deal a series round of betting begins, as each round plays the player develops a hand, they acquire either more cards or replace previous cards that they are dealt. During the betting there is always a current bet, this is the total amount bet in the round by the player who waged the last round.

To help keep a tally of this players usually don’t place their bets directly in to the pot, but rather in front of themselves towards the kitty, until the betting round is over then the money is then gathered to the central pot. After the first rounds of bets, each player has wagered the same amount, the game continues with further cards being dealt and more wagers are placed. At any time after the initial round if one player makes there bet and the other players fold, the deal ends and the player is awarded the pot, no cards are then shown and no more rounds are dealt, a new game begins. This can also be known as a bluff, as the player remaining may have had a poor combination of cards yet played the game allowing the other players to believe that they had a winning combination. At the end of the last waging round, if there is more than one player left, there will be a “showdown” in which these remaining players will reveal their previously hidden cards and evaluate their combinations to reveal the best winning hand.

There are several different variations of the game, most common of these played are the five card draw, seven card stud and the Texas holdem. All very popular poker games, but not all poker games are based on money and cash pots, Strip poker which has been around for a long time is based on players gambling with their clothes, instead of waging cash bets the players play poker rounds and if they lose their hands they lose an item of clothing, game plays till players end up naked. This has been a very popular version of poker for many years as well as being one of the most entertaining methods of poker.

Popular Poker Games

Another popular game is “Blind man’s Buff” which is rather unconventional compared to the other versions of poker available, it requires the players to see all his opponents cards but not those of his own. The standard version of this game is based simply on high cards; this is otherwise known as “Indian Poker”. Players are dealt one card each which they aren’t allowed to see, this card is placed on the forehead, then a round of betting then commences as players then bet on whether they might hold the highest card based on what they see around them. Forehead Stud is also another version of this game.
Texas Holdem poker entails the player having two hole cards, which belong solely to the player and remain hidden from the other players. Five community cards are then dealt, the betting begins before any of the community cards are revealed, and continues through play. The player who reveals the best playing hand compared to the other players consisting of their two hole cards and the community cards and the best five card poker hand of Texas Holdem poker is the winner.

An important part of playing poker is the “bluff”. Players can win poker hands purely through bluffing. The player may have been dealt a poor hand of cards but during game play decided that a bluff is the best or only way to go, so they bluff their opponents into believing that they are sitting with a great combination of cards, therefore bluffing their opponents into folding and thus winning the pot. Professional poker players study very carefully the game play, assessing the situation of game play; also these professionals can also work out which cards there opponent may be sitting with giving the opponent less chance of pulling off the bluff. This is much harder to pull off play video poker online as you don’t have the opportunity to “read” your player’s body language etc to help you work out whether your opponent is bluffing, as sometimes the bluff is given away purely on how the player acts.