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As discussed, this month’s August Ghent Neighborhood League meeting has been re-scheduled to Wed., August 22nd @ 6:30 pm at the Chrysler Museum to feature a discussion of the City’s of Norfolk’s proposed Character District Zoning amendment to its General Plan and impact to Ghent, to include: boundary lines, open space requirements, zoning issues, etc. (more…)

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From the City:  “Thank you for your feedback during the 2013 Budget Community Conversations. As you may know, the City Manager presented a budget to City Council at their meeting this week.  His message to City Council regarding the budget is attached.  Also attached is the follow-up report to the 2013 Budget Conversations for your review.  Upon reading these documents, I hope you’ll find that your input and ideas were not only heard but utilized. The full proposed budget can be found here: http://www.norfolk.gov/budget/2013.asp

2013 Budget Community Conversations Follow-up Report

City Manager’s Message

The following dates are upcoming meetings regarding the budget:

City Council Public Hearing on FY2013 Budget
May 2, 2012

6 PM *
Granby High School
7101 Granby Street
* NOTE: persons wishing to speak must register at the auditorium prior to the start of the hearing

City Council Work Session on FY2013 Budget**
May 8, 2012

City Hall, 10th floor Conference Room
810 Union Street

City Council Work Session on FY2013 Budget**
May 15, 2012

City Hall, 10th floor Conference Room
810 Union Street

City Council votes on FY2013 Budget**
May 22, 2012

City Hall, City Council Chambers, 11th floor
810 Union Street

**Streamed live on www.norfolk.gov and NNN TV48

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At the April GNL meeting the folks from the City, HRSD and Virginia Natural Gas provided an update to the construction on-going throughout Ghent.  The good news is most areas of the neighborhood are getting updated water, gas and sewer lines which should improve service and reliability.  Some of the infrastructure is over 80 years old.  The bad news is that this is going to be a long process, with construction extending in some form through this time next year.  The streets effected will be repaved with a temporary covering after the construction and then will be replaced with a final layer of asphalt 18 months later.  This allows time for the systems to be verified and the ground to settle.

Links to Norfolk Department of Utilities and HRSD are on the side bar and provide links to updated project information.  Flyers providing status of the gas and water were posted earlier. 

As these efforts move forward, if you should have any questions, comments or concerns the your central point of contact with the City regarding these projects is Freda Burns – (757) 664-7216.  Mrs. Burns is the coordinator and can deal with issues which may arise with any of the contractors or utility providers.

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One more utility project underway in Ghent.  Virginia Natural Gas in the process of replacing old and deteriorating gas lines with new lines.  The project is being coordinated with HRSD and the sewer projects and will last at least until the end of April.  See the attached flyers for more information and contact information for questions and concerns.

Fact Sheet Vicinity of Redgate               Fact Sheet Vicinity of Baldwin

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The attached bulletin was distributed door to door along Westover Avenue from Colley Ave to Westover Mews on Friday, announcing another “emergency project”. Evidently there have been two water main breaks on Colonial Avenue as a result of vibration caused by the HRSD force main replacement project. In order to prevent similar problems when HRSD moves to Westover Avenue, the city hired TA Sheets to replace the aging water main on Westover Avenue ahead of the force main replacement. TA Sheets is working for HRSD as well, and HRSD will be paying for the road resurfacing after both the water and force main work is finished, saving the City some money.  Westover Watermain Replacement

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