Famous Las Vegas Casinos

Famous Las Vegas casino are found along the main strip or street that reaches along the city which is found in the state of Nevada and is miles from anywhere but this is more than made up for by the multitude of famous Las Vegas casinos that are on offer there!

Famous Las Vegas CasinosMany of these casinos are simply gambling establishments but many offer much more facilities, which are tapping in on the lucrative tourist business. People are known to travel from all corners of the globe to this vast and vibrant city at the heart of the Nevada desert!

Famous Las Vegas casinos are huge on scale and reflect the big money that is generated by their business. It is true to say that the many famous Las Vegas casinos will have places for refreshments on a five-star scale and even accommodation from the simple room to presidential suites! Some casinos will have retail centres attached selling everything from clothes through to casino giftware, as well as casinos that offer boat rides through to exotic animals and theme parks!

The largest casinos that feature on the Las Vegas strips have grand entrances and many were built in the 1950’s and 60’s and show feature architecture of that time although many have had new fascias built to keep up with modern times. Famous Las Vegas casinos are stunningly beautiful by day built really come to life when the gambling floors receive the most traffic as they have large light displays which dress the building!

The Bellagio is one of the most famous Las Vegas casino and is theme on a famous Italian resort and is renowned for its elegance and was built in 1998 and at that time was the most expensive hotel ever built costing a massive 1.6 billion dollars and was heavily featured in a classic remake of the film ocean’s eleven!

The las Vegas Hilton is in fact the largest Hilton hotel in the world and is famous for its casino and conference centre, with well over three thousand guest rooms! The MGM grand in Las Vegas also has a huge hotel and casino and is a typically themed American building and was built with a strong Hollywood theme. This famous Las Vegas casino is on one of the busiest pieces of road in the whole city and pedestrians cannot reach the casino from street level but instead there are grand overhead walkways that take people to the hotel. The MGM grand was also built in the nineties and has a huge lion in the front entrance guarding the hotel!

The Mirage casino and hotel is another one of las Vegas, famous casinos and was completed in1989 on the site of another casino and set new precedence’s in the ways that casinos had been built up to that point, and many treat this building as the father of las Vegas casinos! This hotel is one of the few that are on the Las Vegas strip that does not feature a wedding chapel! This is a popular attraction to many for a wedding destination and many of the wedding chapels even marry the couples with an Elvis impersonator as he was one of the famous performers that held stages at famous Las Vegas casinos that have stage shows as an extra attraction! In fact, the mirage has also been used in the backgrounds of one of the famous computer games that came out in recent times called grand theft auto San Andrea’s although the hotel was called the visage!

The Tropicana casino also has a resort next to it and is neighbours to the MGM Grand and was recently sold for a massive 2.6 billion dollars! The Riviera is one of Las Vegas oldest and famous casinos and was opened in 1955 and is set over 23 storeys! The Riviera is often used in Hollywood films that want a theme less casino atmosphere and has featured in ocean’s eleven both the original and the remake and also Austin powers!

It is also true that as well as the many famous Las Vegas casinos that operate as a walk in traditional establishment many of the big names in the gambling industry and owners of the super casinos have also taken their business on to the internet to keep up with the modern trend of online gaming which first hit the mainstream in the middle of the nineties. These online casinos offer many of the games that can be found at the famous Las Vegas casinos and will often have links to the casino through virtual tours of the establishment!

There are a large variety of casino games that can be found on the online gaming sites and at the famous Las Vegas casinos from black jack and poker, which are card games through to roulette, which involves a spinning wheel, and craps, which is a game with two dice!