Best Casino Films

Over the years there have been many big screens films made all over the world although mainly in the united states of America, these films have very interesting story lines about the running of casinos and of course the people that gamble there many of the best casino films reach as far back in cinematic history to the 1800’s and the wild west which revolves around cowboy films where gambling first took hold in many of the towns that are now major cities in the present America!

It would of course be foolish not to mention the fact that Las Vegas city which is the main city in the state of Nevada on the western side of America is where a lot of the best casino films are set and this is because of the multitude of gambling establishments and casinos that trade there, in fact this city is the heart of the gambling industry as the super casinos that are situated there are also a major attraction that offer accommodation, stage shows and entertainment.

Best Casino Films

Many of the best casino films feature the rat pack that were a group of entertainers that sang and performed at the casinos and in fact many of their films, which were filmed in the 1950’s and 1960’s, have been refilled over the last ten years with modern actors. One of these films which was called oceans eleven featured Frank Sinatra a famous singer who performed in the rat pack, this best casino films story was based around a group of world war two veterans who set out to rob one of the super casinos in Las Vegas. The story line involves many clever twists and of course in the end they get their money and was a sell out show when it was first screened in 1960. This film was remade in 2001 and starred some of the leading male american actors of that time including Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Andy Garcia, this film the heist involves the group robbing three of the super casinos and also has a strong love interest with Danny Ocean the leading character who is in love with the girlfriend of the casino owner that they are trying to rob!

There are many other best casino films many of which have been written and directed by some of the leading film directors of their time including Martin Scorsese including the film Casino which was one of the directors trilogy which also included Goodfellas which is a cult film and also Mean streets. This film starred major league actors including Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci and again this film is set around the story of a cleverly planned out and executed and involved money to be skimmed off the takings from the casino. This film had heavy influences taken from the mob, which were an Italian organisation of hustlers and organised crime, and many of the casinos back in the 1960’s had a strong connection with them.

Best casino films although are very attractive and in effect are action movies with more than a little humour and love involved have a darker more serious side which was reflected in the real life stories and characters that they were based on for example people were killed and millions of dollars were stolen from different casinos and people that were caught doing this were dealt with severely and more often than not this was not carried out by the police and the law officials but by organised crime organisations, this also refers back the film casino, for example two characters that were based on the real life Anthony and Michael Spilotro that were beaten and then buried alive in a cornfield were eventually found and dug up but after the leading autopsy that was performed on them the autopsy that would find and prove that there was sand in the brothers’ lungs. However in the film the characters based on them; Dominick Santoro was actually finished and killed before he was dumped into the hole and Nicky Santoro was shown to breathe his last breath during the burying process.

Many of these classic cult bets casino films follow a similar formula with the two male leading characters being both the robber and the casino owner that is to be robbed and usually with a strong female character playing a love interest that is more often than not connected to both sides of the heist! Incredibly most of the script and storylines have been taken form real life characters and real life events although have involved more than a little artistic license! However it is important for any fan of best casino films to know that there are direct links to the characters and people that have existed in casino history!