Brief casino history

Brief casino historyThe beginning of the casino history

The first casino rooms can’t be practically called casinos. In fact, gambling appeared as a complementary entertainment methods already available in the exclusive clubs of the France aristocracy from the 17th century. By that time, the kings and the royalties of the France gathered in those clubs to play society games, pool and to speak about the important matters concerning the country. Although the legends are not verified, it seems like the faith of people was decided at a game of cards, and territories were gambled in poker or blackjack between the wealthy citizens of those countries. Those are the incipient phases of the casino history. As time passed, the kings of France decided that gambling should have a special place. Therefore, the roulette and the gambling cards were moved in some other parts of the palace, and gambling became a separate action.

The popularity of gambling according to the casino history

The average person working at the palace of the king, such as the servants and the additional staff observed those games fascinated. Soon, they thought about bringing those games to their neighborhoods. However, the games were adjusted to the possibilities of people. As those simple persons were not able to gamble on lands and treasures, the stakes were lowered accordingly. Funny stories involving bets on chickens and pigs can be found in the casino history of those times. At the beginning of the 18th century, the poor people of France, and of other European countries where the casinos were popular, decided to immigrate to the promised land of the future United States. Of course, one of the first things brought in the new world by those people were the roulette table and the playing cards.

The American casino history

Although the casinos were founded in Europe two centuries before being brought to America, we can consider the Americans as the true promoters of those games. There is practically no casino game invented in USA, besides the slots games, but the particularities introduced by Americans to almost any casino game are still considered revolutionary. Here are some important changes made by the American players to the casino games along the casino history:

  • the name Blackjack given to the French game “21”
  • the poker versions called Texas Holdem, Omaha Hi, Omaha Lo and Five Stud
  • the invention of the American roulette with two “0” slots
  • changing the rules of craps, so the game would become more entertaining for the players
  • inventing the first online casinos that created a new stage in the casino history