FYI, following up on the Nov 6 message posted here: “Burglary to Businesses 700 block W 22nd St.”,

our Norfolk Poli8ce Community Resource Officer, Jacob Medley, reports on Nov 10:

Good news tonight, the rooftop burglary suspect was taken into custody shortly after breaking into the tobacco shop at 2301 Colley Ave.

That is indeed good news.  Out thanks to the Norfolk Police.

The Blue Moon Harbor Lights Half Marathon will take place this Sunday, starting at 7:30am.  Part of the course runs through the Ghent neighborhood, which will impact traffic flows.

The info below is also available, … and better formatted ;-) … here:

Sun. Nov. 23 ’14 – Blue Moon Harbor Lights Half Marathon.

Sunday Schedule & Half Marathon Course Overview:

- The Blue Moon Harbor Lights Half Marathon will start at 7:30am on Sunday, 11/23, on Boush St. near Main St. in downtown Norfolk.
– The half marathon course will wind through the downtown area, then turn left on W. Olney from Boush St. The first runner will be in the vicinity of the Hague at 7:40am. The last runner will reach the Hague at 8:30am.
– The course will continue in front of the Chrysler Museum, go left around Mowbray Arch, left on W. Olney, then right on Colley Ave.
– The course returns to the Ghent area when it turns left off 19th St. on to Llewellyn Ave., continues on Boush St., then turns right on Brambleton, following the pedestrian path underneath Boush St. towards the Freemason area.

Traffic Restriction Highlights:
– Around Mowbray Arch, runners will be closest to the Hague; residents will be allowed to leave and turn right only to get to next intersection to leave the area. East traffic will not be allowed on Mowbray Arch while the race is in progress.
– On Colley Avenue, south traffic will be open all morning. North traffic will only be allowed from Brambleton Ave. to Redgate Ave. while the race is in progress.
– On Llewellyn Avenue, south traffic will be open all morning. North traffic will be restricted to one lane from Va Beach Blvd. to 19th Street.

Leaving the Area on Sunday, 11/23:
– No restrictions before 7:15am or after 11:15am.
– From 7:15am to 8:45am, exit/enter the Ghent area at Princess Anne Rd. & Llewellyn Ave. Police at this intersection will allow traffic to cross when there is a break in runner flow.
– After 8:45am, exit/enter the area at W. Olney Rd. & Colley Ave. The last runner should pass this intersection by 8:45am.
– All roads in the Ghent area will be reopened by 11:15am.

Complete race weekend details can be found at www.harborlightshalf.com

If you have questions, please contact Bob Schniedwind at 412-1056, or bob@jandaracing.com




AGENDA for NOVEMBER 20th, 2014 Location: “Chrysler Museum”

6:30 pm : Call to Order:-Introductions of Board Members, Neighbors and Guests


1) Crime Report: Community Resource Officer, Officer Jacob Medley)

2) ARMY CORPS of Engineers: Commanding Officer on Brambleton “Seawall”

3) EX Sassy Cakes location. Special exception

4) Belgium delegation / Celebration of Ghent…Susanne Ott

5) Special Exceptions / (late closure Colley and 21st St) Paige Rose

Approval of Minutes: (Ben Crumpler / Emily Birknes)

-Treasurer’s Report: J        John Ryan

-Ghent Business Association: Susanne Ott

Committee Business / Committee Chair Reports

- Community Improvement……….©Paige Rose/ Susanne Ott/ Karen Reynes

- Sector Representatives…………..© Barbara Murphy / Mike Spencer

- Membership…………………………….© Ben Crumpler/ Mike Spencer

- Publicity/Social Events……….. © John Ryan / Emily Birknes

- Communications……………………..© David Zellmer

- Program…………………………………. © Sharon / John Ryan

- Zoning……………………………………..© David Zellmer / Joan McEnery

Old Business: “Street Lights in Ghent” / Harbor Lights Half Marathon

New Business:

Adjournment ………… Next GNL Activity, Holiday Celebration/ CHRYSLER MUSEUM

from Jacob Medley, our Norfolk Poli8ce Community Resource Officer.  Please take note of his advice/request

On 11-1-14 in the overnight hours an individual gained access to businesses located at 738 W 22nd St.  He entered through the rooftop and was able to freely move from business to business through interior walls once inside burglarizing a total of 6 in that one building.  Video is being reviewed by the detective division and there are several units detailed to the business district during these hours.  He is also hitting businesses in Ocean View and Wards Corner.  Suspect description at this point is an unknown white male.

Businesses please set your alarms and do not call off police responses. Check any access points that are not commonly used (rooftops, rear entrances, loading doors) {emphasis added}.

Jacob Medley

Third Patrol Division

Blue Sector CRO

From Jacob Medley, our Norfolk Police Community Resource Officer:

Posted this morning (Weds. the 6th Nov,):

Tonight there was an attempted robbery to the individual in the 900 block of Spotswood Ave. At approximately 0315 the victim was approached from the rear by a male demanding his money. The victim turned and struck the suspect in the face knocking him to the ground. The suspect got up and ran towards Hampton Blvd. He is described as a thin black male.*

(*minor typo editing)