Important casino rules

Since 1851 when gambling was first established, society has become addicted to thrill of gambling, casinos house some of the biggest forms of gambling, with games such as Poker, Black Jack, Roulette, Slot Machines and many other games & forms of gambling your money. Casinos have thrived as a form of social entertainment. Offering you the chance to gamble your money and win anything from pocket change to big money depending on your stake.

Casino Rules

When you visit a casino or free online casinos the idea is to bet your money in the hope that you win the bet and increase your stake. Depending on what game you play i.e. Poker or Black Jack etc and depending on your stake can determine how much you could expect to win. Casino Games usually give the player the illusion of control in which the player is given the choice, but the choice does not eliminate the player’s long-term disadvantage (this is where the house has the advantage). The disadvantage is due to the casino not paying out the full amount that would be expected for the odds staked. For example, if a game was played by staking a bet on what number a roll of a dice would give, instead of paying out 6 times the amount staked for winning (because you have a 1 in 6 chance on the roll of a dice) a casino only pays 5 times the amount bet.

Casinos house several ways in which you can gamble your money from card games, Slot Machines, Roulette etc all these can all be found in a casino establishment. These establishments are usually found combined with hotels, or placed beside other vacation attractions to encourage people to stay. Many casinos encourage you by offering bonuses or free plays to get you started aimed at getting you hooked and encouraging you to play on. Basically all casinos’ want is your money and they control your minimum and maximum bets, so that they restrict your possibility to win.

In any world casino, each table, whether that is Roulette, Black Jack or Poker, features signs clearly defining the minimum and maximum rate of bets on each given table. The difference between them could be in 10, 30 or even in 100 times. But nowhere will you be permitted to multiply your bets without any restriction. If the need to place higher bets than permitted, it can be up to the discretion of the establishment if these bets are taken.

Making a killing is the ultimate aim with any casino, making the punter part with their cash! So when the going is good and you know it’s time to get out, always keep in mind how the whole process works by studying the Terms and Conditions. This could help you get out, still in profit. If a casino wants so much play for the bonus they gave you, make sure you know how much they want. This way, when you hit your crossover point and you feel the play is slowing down, you take the money and run! Turning $100.00 into a $1000.00 and losing it all again because you did not realise when you met the casino’s conditions for cash out is a bad feeling. Have an allowance in mind before you go and stick to it! Watch your bankroll carefully it’s so easy to lose control! Remember always place a limit on what you’re willing to spend! Gambling should be fun, entertaining and profitable but this is not always the case. It should not end up taking the money from your bills or necessities (or even your spouse). Gambling can be an addiction.

Rise Of Online Casinos

Nowadays online gambling is hugely popular, with 100’s of free online casinos offering various bonuses’s and start up stakes it’s easy for the gambler to access and be tempted into easily parting with their cash. Players get offered the chance to play with real online players as opposed to a virtual player!

Sometimes players are offered no limits or pot limits and tournaments, making for a very tempting package to the gambler. With so many casino’s online nowadays how do you know which ones are safe and reputable? Most casinos are registered but many more are not, they look the genuine article, very well set up etc, but truth be known they are just money making scams, so be very aware of this before playing with your hard earned money, or giving out your credit card details! So how do you know if the casino you choose is licensed? PricewaterhouseCoopers is an independent auditor of online casino’s and this can be a helpful guide to finding a good licensed site with decent pay out percentages, professional recognition by the gaming bodies and authorities is always a good place to start.

Although Las Vegas is the epitome of the gambling world and has more casinos per square foot, nowadays you don’t have to leave the house, as online gambling has become huge. Most major casinos don’t just offer slot machines and card tables etc, but offer a huge entertainment package with lavish shows and big stars that perform there, making for a socially acceptable night out.

With online gambling you can play in the comfort of your own home, you don’t have to worry about dress code or etiquette which for the addicted gambler could be described as a dangerous scenario as it’s so easily accessible and just feeds the addiction. Although a sociably acceptable form of entertainment, there is a very dark side to gambling, many lives have been wrecked through it due to the gambler unable to control his spending and the addiction taking over, though there is so many forms of gambling available to us from lottery tickets, sports betting etc it can be hard not to get carried away especially if you have a winning streak, but usually only the hard core professionals are the ones who gain from gambling, they study the form, they know when it’s time to get out and walk away a winner.