Dear Neighbors;

We have been advised by Sen. Lynwood Lewis’s office that Senator Lewis will not be able to meet with us tomorrow night during our scheduled GNL Board meeting at the Chrysler Museum (@ 6:30 p.m.) He was to provide a brief summary of the recent State Legislative Session.  We hope to reschedule his visit in the near future.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night despite the loss of our headliner appearance ;-) .


Note:  Small update from the original posting; the New Donut Dinette weekend 24 hour a day operations applies only to indoor seating.  Outdoor seating hours to midnight on Friday & Saturday nights.

(View the most recent rendition of the New Donut Dinette application, submitted for the Planning Commission Public Hearing on March 26th, here:  http://www.norfolk.gov/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Item/1367?fileID=1620   )

downloadable agenda here: GNL MAR 15 Agenda – draft – v2



MARCH 19th 2015


“Advocates for the conservation and promotion of the Historic Character of Ghent”

6:30 PM:        Call to Order

Introductions of Board Members, Neighbors and Guests


Approval of Minutes

Crime Report: Officer Jacob Medley, Community Resource Officer, Norfolk Police Department

GNL Board Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Ghent Task Force
  • Ghent Business Association
  • Ghent Homeless Task Force
  • Nominations Committee
  • Review Committee

Guests with Business before the Board

  • State Senator Lynwood Lewis: Briefing on Legislative Session
  • Leticia Quejada, City of Norfolk – Update: Sewer project – Mowbray Arch and Colonial Ave
  • Charlie Sears, The New Donut Dinette – Revised Application for a Special Exception and ABC License

Ghent Applications to City of Norfolk

  • The New Donut Dinette (originally presented at Jan GNL Meeting – applicant has now requested to extend hours to include 24 hour indoor operations on weekends)
  • Votes – GNL Board position on Applicant’s Request for special exception to operate an eating and drinking establishment on property located at 1917 Colley Avenue

            A: Hours – Revised Request to operate 24 hours a day on weekends – continual 24 hour operations on weekends (from Friday 6am through 10pm Sunday night);  6am to 10pm Mon – Thurs

            B:ABC Licenses for 1) Beer; 2) Wine; and 3) Mixed Drink/Liquor

Committee Business

Committee Chair Reports

  • Community Improvement – Paige Rose/Susanne Ott/Karen Reynes
  • Membership ———————-Ben Crumpler/Michael Spencer
  • Communications —————-David Zellmer
  • Program —————————- Sharon Plawin/John Ryan
  • Publicity and Social Events – John Ryan/Emily Birknes
  • Sector Representatives ——-BarBara Murphy/Michael Spencer
  • Zoning ——————————- David Zellmer/Joan McEnery

Committee Presentations/Project Updates

  • Review Committee:  Process and Procedures – Request for Board and Member Input
  • Zoning Committee: GNL position on parking for outdoor dining seating  – Request for Board and Member Input – Zoning Committee
  • Discussion – Resumption of Monthly Board Work Sessions @ 6pm


Upcoming Meetings:

Nominations Committee-  2nd Meeting Monday 16 March. 300 Colonial 6:30pm

APRIL Review Cmte Meeting April 14 @ 9:30am @ Panera Bread

GNL Monthly Meeting – April 16th @ 6:30pm @ Chrysler Museum

from the Downtown Norfolk Council:

Please take note of the DNC’s open house sessions next Weds. March 18th, 8:00 – 9:30 am and 6:00 – 7:30 pm.

you may view this directly here: http://www2.geomailer.net/message/view.php?id=36.9650.968875

The Downtown Norfolk Council is undertaking a market-based strategic plan for Downtown. Our goal is to develop a holistic vision to guide Downtown through the next five to ten year investment cycle, as well as specific tactics to link and enhance public spaces and assets. The final plan, to be unveiled in summer 2015, will set priorities for creating a fully connected and continuous urban fabric. We invite you, as part of the downtown community, to participate in this critically important process.

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Nominations for the GNL board will be accepted from any member in good standing if received by the Nominating Committee at the official GNL post office box (PO BOX 11431 Norfolk VA, 23507) not later than April 1 provided that nominations specify the office sought by the nominee.

Snow removal

Please take the time to clear your sidewalks of snow.  Ghent is a pedestrian friendly community, and we want all our residents to be safe.  Thank you for doing your part during these snowy days!