Winds from the North + Lunar High Tides = flooding warning.  Our thanks to Skip for once again for sounding the alarm.

From Skip Stiles of Wetlands Watch [skip .  stiles AT wetlandswatch . org]

Tuesday Morning – around 4 am at the high tide – we’ll see water almost 2 feet above the spring tide line (full/new moon high tide). Wind from the north from that gathering storm will be the cause.

Move cars, watch intersections that flood, – the usual drill for “nuisance” flooding. The higher tides will repeat through Wed’s high tide around 4 am.

As always, these high tides times are at Sewells point – you’ll see different times depending on how far away you are from the Navy Base (where the Sewells Point tide gauge is )

Stay Dry,


Further to last night’s review of the Sassi Cake’s application, mention had been made to the recent (9 December) letter from the Ghent Business Association (GBA) to the City Council.  Attached is that letter:

Sassi Cakes – GBA’s 9 Dec letter to City Council of (conditional) support

It was attached to the application, circa 16 Dec, for City Council’s consideration.  (I had previously posted a link to the whole application … so the forementioned letter should be no surprise to you … and you too have this stored in your own “Precious Memento’s of Ghent” folder  :-) …. ).   The GBA’s suggestion should be reflected in the revised application version that is presented when next City Council discusses this item, though was not yet in the ~16 Dec version.

Dave Zellmer

As you may know, (but you didn’t hear it from me, sorry …) Senator Lynwood Lewis hosted a couple of Norfolk Town Hall Meetings in the last two days (Mon. the 6th, Tues. the 7th).  If you missed these, or if you want to follow-up on what you heard,

You may also send comments to District06@Senate.Virginia.gov ,call the district office at 866-787-1094 or mail to;

Senator Lynwood Lewis

P O Box 9587

Norfolk, VA 23505

You can sign up for e-mail updates on his website www.LynwoodLewis.com and also “like” his Facebook page – Senator Lynwood Lewis.

Happy Holidays,

Charles Stanton

Office of Senator Lynwood Lewis

from Jacob Medley, our Norfolk Police Community Resource Officer on 5 Jan:

A robbery incident occurred in the 900 block of Colley Ave approximately 530PM on the 2nd.  An unknown black male pushed a female to the ground from behind and removed her bag from her shoulder after she fell.  She received some scrapes from the fall but the suspect fled on foot.

jacob.medley -at-  norfolk.gov

from Anne Knox of Hope House:

Hi!  I just wanted to let the Ghent Neighborhood League that Hope House Foundation will be hosting the 31st Annual Stockley Gardens Spring Arts Festival in Stockley Gardens Park between Olney Rd and Redgate Ave on May 16 and 17.  It is an art festival that included approx. 130 artists, 10 food vendors, and entertainment.  For the safety of the patrons, artists, volunteers, and neighbors, we must close the cross streets of Stockley Gardens Park at Raleigh Ave and Boissevain Ave.

Proceeds for this event will benefit the Hope House Foundation. For more information please visit www.stockleygardens.org.

Thank you for sharing your neighborhood with us!

Hopefully it will be a little warmer then ….