Upcoming GNL Meeting agenda available here:  GNL MAY 21st 2015 Agenda



MAY 21st 2015


“Advocates for the conservation and promotion of the Historic Character of Ghent”

6:30 PM:        Call to Order

Introductions of Board Members, Neighbors and Guests


Approval of Minutes

Crime Report: Officer Medley, Community Resource Officer, Norfolk Police Department

GNL Board Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Ghent Task Force
  • Ghent Business Association
  • Ghent Homeless Task Force
  • Nominations Committee   (Elections Results)
  • Development-Review Committee

Guests with Business before the Board

  • Flights Tasting Room (21st Street): Clark Olsen
  • Colecanthe Brewery (20th Street) : Kevin Erskine
  • Mowbray &Colonial Street closure- KEVCOR representative

Committee Business

Committee Chair Reports

  • Community Improvement – Paige Rose/Susanne Ott/Karen Reynes
  • Membership ———————-Ben Crumpler/Michael Spencer
  • Communications —————-David Zellmer
  • Program —————————Sharon Plawin/John Ryan
  • Publicity and Social Events – John Ryan/Emily Birknes
  • Sector Representatives ——-BarBara Murphy/Michael Spencer
  • Zoning —————————   David Zellmer/Joan McEnery


Upcoming Meetings:

GNL Monthly Meeting – June 18th@ 6:30pm @ Chrysler Museum

from Jacob Medley, our CRO:

Yesterday {Tues. 19th} at approximately 3:10 PM a female was threatened to give up her property by two young black males in the 700 bkl of Spotswood Ave.  One grabbed her cell phone and both fled on foot southbound.  The suspect was apprehended and identified as a juvenile from Blair Middle.

From our Jacob Medley, our Community Resource Officer

Please see attached flier for an even being held on the 30th of this month at 100 Broadway St.  There will be a number of officers from different division to meet with as well as displays and activities.

cmty & Cops Cookout poster 2015

With questions remaining over what might happen at today’s City Council meeting regarding the “fugitive coal dust” issue, Paige Rose spoke with Joe Cooke about what he (now) expects to happen this evening. Her update follows:
Clarification:  Coal Dust topic to be raised during the Public Comment session, at discretion of Council, AFTER formal agenda tonight
Mr. Joe Cooke, Larchmont resident, Sierra Club Chesapeake Bay chapter chair and head of the citizen action group promoting coal dust control measures to be taken by Norfolk Southern, has clarified that the coal dust topic is NOT on the formal agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting.
There WILL be a Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) topic discussed at the Councils work session this afternoon (which takes place prior to the formal CC meeting), which is closed to public comments.
After Council’s formal agenda tonight, there will be a Public Comment session, at the discretion of the Council, when Mr. Cooke hopes to advise Council on the results of a recent coal dust lab study and urge Council to vote to prioritize approval for Councilmember Smeigel’s resolution for additional coal dust mitigation measures at the local  Norfolk Southern coal depot site. Please see the resolution below.
Concerned or interested residents may speak tonight at this Public Comment session, at Council’s discretion, held immediately following the formal City Council meeting.
*Please note this scheduling clarification, if you had planned to attend and speak at the City Council meeting tonight.

FYI, attached please find a copy of the notice from the City’s Dept. of Utilities which was shown at the March GNL meeting when Leticia Quejada provided an update to us on the project.

As an update, today Leticia writes

Just an update for the project, the contractor is currently working on their permits and other administrative requirements.  Actual breaking of the ground may happen in May.

Project Bulletin – Mowbray Arch Phase 2 – 2.2015