At the last GNL meeting, Jacob Medley, our Community Resource Officer providing a warning about a Mr Ortiz, who had in the past operated a business in our area doing yard and house work, e.g. gutter clean-out and repairs.  More recently however, Mr Ortiz was operating without a license, though he would state that he had done work for neighbors in the area.  More importantly, he and his accomplice had been acting very aggressively with people who did answer their doors. There was also concern that these two may have been involved in stealing of metal, (esp. copper) gutters and drainpipes.

As you will see below, Jacob reports that Mr. Ortiz has been arrested in Larchmont.  However, the risk remains that unlicensed persons may solicit work around your home.  Be aware and be careful.

From Jacob Medley,  20 Jul 2015:

it has been brought to my attention that Mr Ortiz was arrested on outstanding warrants from Va Bch Saturday evening in Larchmont.  Him and two other individuals were knocking on doors soliciting to do yard and house work using false names.  They parked a teal colored Toyota Exho with VA tags VBP2050 in the 6100 block of Rolfe Ave and walked the neighborhood.

If anyone approaches your home trying to do work please verify they are legitimate by asking for a business license from the city, ID card or business card and company vehicles.  If those items are refused or not seen please call the non emergency number with as good a description as you can give.

From Jacob Medley, our Community Resource Officer

Good morning,

On 7-15-15 at approximately 0120 hours officers responded to the Harris Teeter on Colonial Ave for a stabbing incident.  The victim was transported to the hospital with life threatening wounds.  The suspect was arrested on scene.  The two were known to each other and this does not constitute a threat with the neighborhood.

Jacob Medley

Third Patrol Division

Blue Sector CRO

Upcoming GNL Meeting agenda in PDF available here: GNL Agenda 2015 07 16

Ghent Neighborhood League


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chrysler Museum of Art

I. Call to order and introductions at 6:30pm

II.  Approval of minutes – June, 2015

III.  Safety report – Officer Medley

IV. Reports of officers and standing committees

  1. President’s Report – Emily Birknes
  2. Communication – David Zellmer
  3. Community Improvement – Paige Rose
    1. Residential Project Review – Karen Reynes
    2. Commercial Project Review – David Zellmer to present

V.  Reports of special committees

  1. Ghent Kayak Launch – Matt Haggerty
  2. Ghent Homeless Task Force – Ed Joyce
  3. Ghent Business Association – Emily Birknes

VI.  New business

  1. Heart of Ghent 10K – Mr. Pat Moore
  2. Update about Hague Sewer Project – Ms. Leticia Quejada

VII.  Adjournment


Thursday, August 20h – GNL membership meeting (may be cancelled for summer hiatus, stay tuned)

from Donovan Willeto of Hope House Foundation a while back.   Time is short if you wish to participate.


Artists/Crafters Being Sought for the

2015 Chelsea West Fest – Local Music and Makes

NORFOLK, Va.— The 2015 Chelsea West Fest will be held on October 3, 2015 from Noon – 6 p.m. at the corner of Orpax and Boissevain Ave in the Chelsea district of Ghent. We are looking for local artists/crafters to participate in this much anticipated local makers festival.  The festival will be everything local, from entertainment to food, kid’s activities to produce and brews. The event is free and open to the public.

Applications are available online at ww.hope-house.org or on Facebook.  Deadline for applications is July 12, 2015. All mediums are welcome to include, but not limited to: potters, quilters, soap makers, wood carvers, blacksmiths, etc.  Please call Keeley Fenning at kfenning@hope-house.org or  (757) 625-6161 ext. 509 with any questions.

All proceeds from Chelsea West Fest go to benefit Hope House Foundation, which provides support services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  For more information, log onto our website at www.hope-house.org.

Donovan Willeto

Development Coordinator

801 Boush Street, Suite 302

Norfolk, VA 23510

757-625-6161 x508

The Alliance Française, along with the Ghent Business Association and Ghent Neighborhood League, are once again celebrating Bastille Day in Ghent!  Event is FREE and open to the public in front of Blair Middle School.
Bastille Day, celebrated on July 11, 2015 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm, is a day that commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution and the storming of the Bastille wall.

Start the afternoon watching a French movie at the Naro Cinema. Come see the can-can dancers, listen to live music, taste great French food, and cheer for the winner of the Waiter’s Race. Perhaps you’d like to take a spot on the starting line of the “Tour de Ghent” Tricycle Race, or admire painters, jugglers, and artists as they demonstrate their skills. Have fun with everyone storming the Bastille wall once again at the given signal!! Stay in Ghent for dinner with the entire family and taste French wine and food prepared especially by our restaurant partners.

See the program : http://www.afnorfolk.org/bastille-day-in-ghent—details.html