From: Downtown Norfolk Council <dnc@downtownnorfolk.org>
Date: August 29, 2014 at 9:41:21 AM EDT


E. Plume Street Closure
Granby Street to 200 E. Plume Street

Beginning Monday, September 1 for 14 days, E. Plume Street between Granby Street and 200 E. Plume Street will be closed to vehicular traffic for utility work in support of The Main. Box trucks, tractor trailers and delivery vehicles will be permitted access under flagger control. Crews will work around the clock in order to reopen the roadway as soon as possible. Access to Concord Street will be maintained.

Traffic except, box trucks, tractor trailers and delivery vehicles will be detoured as follows:

From Granby Street (southbound)
   • Turn left onto Main Street
   • Turn left onto Bank Street
   • Arrive at Plume Street

From Granby Street (northbound)
   • Keep straight to E. City Hall Avenue
   • Turn right onto E. City Hall Avenue
   • Turn right onto Bank Street
   • Arrive at Plume Street

From Bank Street (southbound)
   • Keep straight to Main Street
   • Turn right onto Main Street
   • Turn right onto Granby Street
   • Arrive at Plume Street

From Bank Street (northbound)
   • Keep straight to E. City Hall Avenue
   • Turn left onto E. City Hall Avenue
   • Turn left onto Granby Street
   • Arrive at Plume Street

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The City of Norfolk has a 24-hour hotline to address construction questions/concerns:
Call 664-7220.

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Norfolk Fire-Rescue is currently hiring Firefighter Recruits.  We are hiring two different positions, the first is Firefighter Recruit- Advanced Life Support Providers and will be closed on 8/28.  Then the Firefighter Recruit position will open without medical certification needed (we will teach it during Fire Academy).  This position should be open through mid or late September.

2014 Norfolk Fire-Rescue Flyer Front page

We would love to have as many interested Norfolk residents apply for the available positions to become members of Norfolk Fire-Rescue and serve the community in which they live.  Thank you kindly for your support.

Please like us on Facebook as well to ask any questions and follow what’s happening within NFR.


Beth Bruner

Life Safety Educator

Office of Public Affairs

Norfolk Fire-Rescue

757-441-1098 Office

757-438-1811 Cell




Dear GNL board members, interested GNL members;
_____________________ forwarded message _______________
from Emily Birknes
The West Ghent Civic League has invited us to a meeting Tuesday, September 16th at 7pm at Taylor to discuss the expansion of trucking hours on Hampton.  The Virginia Port Authority will be there as will other west side civic leagues.  This is an important meeting, with only this issue being discussed.

Some residents have already received flyers regarding this, e.g. Westover Ave….

_____________ forwarded message _______________________________________

From: “Harmon, Deidre” <deidre.harmon@norfolk.gov>
Date: August 12, 2014 at 11:15:45 AM EDT
Subject: Norfolk Sanitary Sewer Testing

Dear Norfolk Residents:

Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), in cooperation with the City of Norfolk, will be conducting inspections and repairs of the public sewer system in the City right-of-way in various neighborhoods from late August through December 2014. Residents will be notified at least five days before testing occurs on their street.

To determine which sewer pipes and manholes are most in need of repair or replacement, firms test and inspect these elements on a regular basis. Testing methods include smoke testing, camera inspections, pipe cleaning and night flow testing. These activities typically will not affect sanitary sewer service.

For more information, please view attached Smoke Testing FAQS.  HRSD has speakers available for civic leagues if residents have specific questions.

Thank you,

Deidre Harmon

Public Information Specialist II

Norfolk Department of Utilities

400 Granby Street

Norfolk, VA 23501

(757) 664-6730

(757) 664-6707 fax



August 10, 2014

Advocates for the conservation and promotion of the Historic Character of Ghent

AGENDA for Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Location: The Williams School, 419 Colonial Ave.

6:30 pm : Call to Order:-Introductions of Board Members, Neighbors and Guests


1) Crime Report: Community Resource Officer, Officer Jacob Medley

2)   Ms Angel Chen “Kappo Nara Ramen” 1st Japanese Ramen Restaurant in Hampton Roads

3)   New commercial business presentation


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